Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hashing it out over on #PitMad today!

Here's more info on my pitched manuscript for anyone who's interested:

Genre/Category: YA/Realistic
Word count: 63,000


In 1995, sixteen-year old Jason is ready to end his life. Reeling from a chance encounter with Kurt Cobain at an airport three days before Cobain killed himself, Jason can’t help but feel guilty. If he’d done or said something differently would Cobain still have died? Now with his own emotional issues spiraling out of control, Jason decides to take to the road, hoping to leave the darkness behind. If he can make it to Seattle, and retrace the last days of Cobain’s life, maybe Jason can finally come to terms with the guilt that’s slowly killing him.

Meanwhile, sixteen-year old J.D. is ready to get a life. He’s tired of living in the dark shadow of an older brother who killed himself on the day J.D. was born, leaving his mother catatonically depressed, and his father long gone. When a card from Dad arrives in the mail, return address and all, J.D. decides it’s time for an old-fashioned road trip. If he can track Dad down and convince him to come home, maybe J.D.’s dream of going off to college and living outside of the shadows isn’t so entirely stupid after all.

Two guys on two separate journeys, both running from the long-term side effects of suicide, both destined to cross paths from the start. Of course, no road trip would be complete without friends, but for Jason and J.D. those have been in short supply. Instead, J.D. turns to Siaki “Yank” Yankman, a junk-food loving bear of a guy from school, along with Yank’s nosy but well-meaning sister Kilee, while Jason has no choice but to convince his uptight, dutiful cousin Chad to join him. If either guy stands a chance of making it past the cranky bus station attendants, pick pocketing grannies, or car-eating potholes in their way, they’ll first need to step into the light and learn to rely on the people around them. Not an easy task when you’ve grown used to the dark.
Told in alternating points of view, Potholes on the Road to Nirvana is a heartbreaking topic handled with friendship, humor, and just a smidge of romance. It is complete at 63,000 words and will appeal to fans of Thirteen Reasons Why, and An Abundance of Katherines. The full manuscipt and/or samples are available upon request.

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