Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Must Say I’m Feeling Rather Good About Myself This Evening

Among the many other things I did today:

I managed to help my son construct a rather elaborate play-hut made of various sized tents and tunnels;

I cleaned up two spilled drinks (my son's, not mine), and one bathroom accident (also not mine);

I sent an email I’ve been meaning to send for some time now;

I read a chapter on dinosaurs to son before tucking him in for a nap;

I walked to pick my daughter up from school;

I dutifully mediated several U.N.-level disputes over unfair toy use;

I finished the fourth draft of my novel manuscript (!!!);

AND I still managed to get dinner on the table on time;

All while battling a mean case of cramps.

I am woman! Hear me roar! Now get out of my way because I'm about to collapse...

Current Location: On the couch, and not feeling the least bit guilty about it
Current Mood: Accomplished
Current Music: Hubby is serenading me with his acoustic guitar

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